Sport and active leisure in winter

Lot of people thinks that any outdoor activities are meant only for summertime and when the wintertime comes they stop training or spending time outside, because cold weather can make them feel sick or uncomfortable. That is definitely a wrong way of thinking. If you do everything right, you don’t need to worry about cold weather and you can even take advantage of possibilities that wintertime can provide.

If you choose the right outfit and gradually habitude your body to the activities in cold weather, you can do almost any kind of sport or outdoor activity also at wintertime. Of course it won’t be possible to play football in snow or swim in a waterbed cowered with ice, but if the snow or ice makes no obstacles for the activity, you can do it. For example, it is possible to run or cycle at winter, just choose the thermo sportswear and be more careful. Don’t push yourself too much if you feel uncomfortable and be aware of ice, because in winter it is a lot easier to slip and get injured.

However, if you think that doing typical summertime trainings in wintertime are not meant for you, there are a lot of winter sports you can try out. For example, you can easily replace your summertime cardio trainings with cross-country skiing. It is as healthy as cycling, running or swimming and also gives the same excitement. Even more, it allows you to enjoy the scenic winter landscape. If you have never been on the ski before, rent them and hire an instructor. From the first time you should be able to understand if this activity is meant for you or not.

If you don’t have any place for cross-country skiing or just don’t like it, try skating. You can either go to a public ice rink or use some frozen pound. Also skating is good for your health and fitness. Just be careful with it, because skating is quite traumatic activity. Learn how to skate gradually and challenge yourself.

If you don’t do cardio trainings at all and in summertime your favorite activities are team sports such as street football and basketball, you can replace them with ice hockey. Just like with regular skating, find some ice rink and stay active. It will be even more fun if ice hockey is something new for you. Only remember that you first need to learn how to skate appropriate to won’t get injured.

Of course, those are not the only outdoor winter activities. You can also try snowboarding, alpine skiing, sledding, snowmobiling, curling etc. Actually the list of outdoor winter activities is almost infinite and everyone can find something that is appropriate for him. However if you have a principle that wintertime is not appropriate for outdoor activities, at least exercise outdoor. You shouldn’t stop training for more than three month just because of cold weather.