Shop for Clothes Like a Pro

Shopping. It is one of those tasks that we all love and hate. And not only with clothes. I once lost an hour choosing the best steamer (itāliski – migliori pulitore a vapore). The thrill of the deal, the excitement of a new wardrobe, the frustration of finding something that looks good on your frame… Shopping for clothes can be the best and worst experience of your life. I’ve created a couple of tips that can help you enjoy the upside of shopping and get you through the bad times by being prepared.

  1. See it in your life.
    If you are planning on buying an item, you should be able to picture yourself wearing it. Before you make a purchase, think of three places that you can wear the item. If you cannot come up with three, practical ideas for a piece of clothing then return it to the rack.
  2. Try it on!
    One of the golden rules of shopping is to utilize the fitting room. Just because you know that you are a size 8 does not mean that something is going to fit you (or that it will look good). Take your items to the fitting room and try them on before making a purchase. This tip will save you time on returns and will prevent heartbreak when you discover later that the item doesn’t fit right or doesn’t flatter your frame.
  3. Some clothing is worth the money, some are not.
    When shopping for clothes you need to know when to spend money and when to skimp. A balanced wardrobe consists of a mix of high- and low-end designer items. A good rule to follow is to spend where it can be seen. For example, handbags, shoes, watches (itāliski – orologi contapassi) or beautiful print clothing are excellent investments. T-shirts and tank tops, however, can be bought off the rack for pennies. You don’t need designer clothes to clean the house or hit the gym, so save your money on those items and invest in ones that you will use in public.
  4. Put on your shopping face.
    Trying on a beautiful dress when you are wearing a sports bra, have no makeup on, and your hair is a mess is sure to be a disaster. While we would all love to shop in our pajamas, it is not a practical choice. If you don’t feel good, clothing won’t look good on you. Ensure that you are wearing suitable undergarments and that you are feeling good about the way you look. A little makeup and brushed hair can make all the difference to an outfit and can bring it from drab to fab. Remember this before you hit the shops and take the time to get ready for your shopping adventure.

Buy Items Before You Need Them.
We have all done it. We wait until the day of the event and realize that the outfit we thought we were going to wear isn’t perfect. Perhaps it has a stain or rip, maybe it doesn’t fit anymore, or it just doesn’t look right once we pull it out of the closet. Whatever the case, we all end up shopping at the last minute and we are guaranteed to get overwhelmed.  The law of the shopping universe states that if you are looking for something specific you won’t find it on the first try. Instead, give yourself the time you need to find something that fits and looks great, so you are not running around searching for it on the day of the event. If you buy items that fit fabulously and feel good when you find them, you can save yourself a lot of stress by creating a balanced wardrobe. Be sure that you always have that perfect little black dress and comfortable pumps handy to fall back on for days when all else fails.