Right walking technique and conditions

Although walking is something that we all know how to do, there are some walking techniques that are more appropriate, efficient in burning calories and less traumatic. Also some conditions can affect the efficiency of walking. So if you are using walking as a leisure activity or serious workout, comply with following advices.

The first and most important thing is to keep your spine straight. Your ears, shoulders and hips should be located in straight line. Unfortunately in everyday routine, we don’t respect this condition. We walk how it feels more comfortable and usually it is based on our backbones curvature. If your posture is not perfect, you won’t walk with straight spine unless you watch yourself all the time. At least those times when you walk to improve health and burn some calories check your posture once in a while. That will also help you to improve your posture and straighten your spine.

The next condition is right arm position. When we walk, we usually just swing them back and forth. Although it is not considered as a mistake and won’t harm you, it would be better to bend them in straight angle and swing them right between shoulders and hips. That also can help to improve the posture and also will make your arms tighter and stronger.

Also speed is very important aspect. Normal walking tempo is little bit less than 5km/h. If you are using walking as a leisure activity, better increase your tempo a bit. Around 6 km/h would be great. The difference is not so big, but the effect is meaningful. If you are walking faster, it can give the same effect as running. You will be able to burns a lot more calories and also your heart rate will increase.

You should also think about clothing. Although, walking is not an exercise that requires very specialized clothing, wear something appropriate. Actually, as long as you feel comfortable, it is fine. Just make sure you can freely swing your arms and take some bigger steps. Also dress appropriate to the weather. Make sure the footwear is comfortable, not too tight and not too loose. If the footwear will be inappropriate, you will want to strike your feet wrong.

So let’s continue with foot strike. That means the way how your foot hits the ground. The right way is to put the whole foot on the ground, although for most people striking heel before feels a lot more comfortable. If you use heel-strike in everyday walking, that is fine, because that is not enough to harm yourself, but make sure, you are using the right technique while working out; otherwise you will only harm yourself. So much of wrong walking can cause feet traumas.

So there you have it. Use these advices to turn simple walking into a serious workout or leisure activity that will give great positive effects.