Nordic walking

If you are looking for some new type of active leisure that is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, but at the same time can give you some real health and fitness benefits, then choose Nordic walking. Although, many people think it’s the same as simple walking and don’t really associate it with sport or serious activity, it is one of the best exercises you could ever perform.

Nordic walking actually is lot more similar with Nordic skiing than simple walking. In Nordic walking there are specially designed poles used for harnessing the power of the upper body to propel you forward just like in Nordic skiing. That means in Nordic walking, unlike regular walking, the whole body is being engaged.

Nordic walking is cardiovascular training just like running, swimming or cycling that means you can get the same health improvements as from all these activities. Nordic walking improves the blood circulation and breathing, so this type of active leisure can help to avoid from such illnesses as stroke, diabetes, heart diseases, asthma and even some types of cancer. Just because in Nordic walking you don’t move as fast and intensive as in other cardiovascular trainings, doesn’t mean you can’t improve your health.

The same refers to fitness. Nordic walking is just as good as running or even better for getting into shape. In Nordic walking almost every muscle in your body is being engaged, that means you are training all of them at the same time and also burning a lot of calories.

But Nordic walking is not just a sport. It is active leisure which means you can really enjoy the process of it. Nordic walking can be done at any location, so you can go to some interesting places and instead of simple walking, you can choose Nordic walking. You can go on a trip and walk around with Nordic walking poles, so you wouldn’t feel so tired and would improve your health at the same time.

So if you are interested in this active leisure, first you will need to get the right equipment. Actually all you need is poles. Just don’t buy the trekking poles instead of Nordic walking poles, because they are meant for different usage. If you are not sure how they look, better ask for a help from a shop assistant or some professionals. There is no need to buy special clothing for Nordic walking. Any comfortable sportswear will be fine.

After that you need to learn the right technique. Actually it is very important, because if you will use the poles incorrectly, that won’t be Nordic walking anymore. It is very important to know how to harness the power of the upper body, so all the body would be engaged equally. In Nordic walking you need to swing your arms from your shoulder with your elbows straight and hold the poles loose. Don’t push yourself with poles, but only even the power from upper body. For the first time it would be better if you hire an instructor.

Try Nordic walking for a few times and you will notice the difference from regular walking. It is a good way to stay fit and relaxed at the same time.