How to run correctly?

Running is one of the best activities. There is no specific equipment needed, it is very healthy, helps to stay fit and also it can be really enjoyable. Anyone can engage with this activity; however there are some things that every runner should be aware of. To not harm yourself, you need to use correct running technique which includes posture, breathing and foot strike.

Correct running posture is very important to reduce the strain on neck, shoulders, legs and other parts of body. Wrong posture can cause muscle sprain and other traumas. Remember that all the running time your body must be relaxed. Don’t strain your muscles too much, but keep your head up and beck straight. Don’t let your head to go forward, because it can cause too much strain on the neck and spine. This is typical mistake of many runners, because if your backbone is not perfectly straight, you will feel more comfortable with your head down, but you need to watch yourself. Don’t let that happen. Also it is important to relax the jaw and neck. That might seem meaningless; bet tension of face muscles can also impact other parts of the body. One of the most important aspects of posture is the placement of the shoulders. Keep them parallel to the ground. Don’t let them rise up, because it will harm your beck and arms. The last aspect of posture is the arms. Keep the joints in 90 degrees and swing the arms freely between your chest and waist.

Breathing is even more important, because the air is really necessary while doing any activities. If you won’t take in enough of air, it can cause headache, side cramps and dizziness. Wrong breathing also can cause sore throat and even pneumonia. It really can harm your body in many ways. Unlike posture, there are many breathing techniques available. It is correct to either breath through nose or trough mouth. Breathing through nose is better because than you take in only warm air and lungs are not so loaded, but for many runner breathing through mouth seems more comfortable, because than it is possible to take in more air. The best way is to take the air in through the nose and out through the mouth, however it is quite challenging to push you to breathe this way all the time. Whatever breathing technique you choose, make sure you take some deep breathes and keep your entire breathing organ relaxed. Let the air go through all the body. The best method is to use so called belly breathing, but it takes time to learn how to actually use it.

The foot strike is very important to not harm your legs. Leg traumas are the most common among the runners, just because of wrong foot strike. Foot strike means the way how the foot hits the ground. There are two most common techniques – heel striking and mid-foot striking. In heel striking the heel hits the ground first, but in mid-foot striking almost the full foot hits the ground at the same time. Mostly all the people use heel striking, because that is also the way how we walk. It is lot easier, but it can cause traumas. Usually more experienced runners with right muscles developed, starts to use mid-foot technique automatically.

All of this might seem very complicated, but actually it is not. At the beginning to takes some time to find the right techniques and it can be hard to push yourself to run correctly, but with time all of this will happen automatically and you will be able to fully enjoy your runs.