Great low-impact activities

Many people don’t want to engage with any sports and start to live active, because they think it is physically very hard. They associate any workouts with shortness of breath, muscle ache, sweating and other unpleasant feelings. Some intensive workouts really can cause that, but there are also bunch of simple low-impact activities that are appropriate for anyone. You don’t necessarily need to run many kilometers and lift heavy weights. Here are advises for those who want to be active without pushing themselves too hard.

The first activity is simple walking. If you normally walk for one hour, you can burn almost 200 calories. Just like running, also walking engages almost any muscle in humans’ body so you won’t need to do any other exercises. Also walking is not traumatic. Unless you are walking on slippery surface, there is almost no chance to harm yourself. There is no preparation or knowledge needed. Just go outside and walk. You won’t even feel tired, but your body will be engaged with great amount of activities.

The next activity is horse beck riding. Although you might think that horseback riding is not even a real activity, because all you have to do is sit, that not true. It is possible to burn around 370 calories from one hour of horseback riding. That is because you have to sit very still and control almost any muscle in your body while doing that. It is like doing stretching workout. At the end of activity you might feel a little bit tired, but while being up to horse beck, you probably won’t feel anything but excitement and happiness.

Skating and inline skating are also very easy, fun but at the same time efficient activities. You can burn almost 600 calories in one hour while skating. Skating and inline skating are both very similar activities, because there are almost the same body movements used. You can choose which one you like best or which one is available for you. They both ensure great cardiovascular training and also muscle training. This activity might be traumatic, if you haven’t learned correct technique, so start very slowly. One you know how to do it correctly, you can have some great time on skates.

Swimming is another great activity, that is not complicated and won’t make you feel exhausted, but it allows you to burn around 400 calories in one hour. Actually the electivity of swimming depends on the chosen style, but even if you just try to float above the water without any specific technique, you will be able to lose some weight and strengthen your cardiovascular health. Swimming is very fun; no matter you’re doing it in pool or natural waters. Just be careful, especially in natural water, because they can be very unpredictable.

And the last activity is rowing. Rowing a boat can help you to lose more than 300 calories in one hour, but there are bunch of other gaining as well. First of all, it really helps to get a great posture. Also it is a good cardiovascular and muscle training. Beside all of the health benefits, rowing is really exciting. Just imagine being somewhere in the middle of natural waters an exploring the nature. It really is a great activity that won’t make you feel anything unpleasant.