Shop for Clothes Like a Pro

Shopping. It is one of those tasks that we all love and hate. And not only with clothes. I once lost an hour choosing the best steamer (itāliski – migliori pulitore a vapore). The thrill of the deal, the excitement of a new wardrobe, the frustration of finding something that looks good on your frame… Shopping for clothes can be the best and worst experience of your life. I’ve created a couple of tips that can help you enjoy the upside of shopping and get you through the bad times by being prepared.

  1. See it in your life.
    If you are planning on buying an item, you should be able to picture yourself wearing it. Before you make a purchase, think of three places that you can wear the item. If you cannot come up with three, practical ideas for a piece of clothing then return it to the rack.
  2. Try it on!
    One of the golden rules of shopping is to utilize the fitting room. Just because you know that you are a size 8 does not mean that something is going to fit you (or that it will look good). Take your items to the fitting room and try them on before making a purchase. This tip will save you time on returns and will prevent heartbreak when you discover later that the item doesn’t fit right or doesn’t flatter your frame.
  3. Some clothing is worth the money, some are not.
    When shopping for clothes you need to know when to spend money and when to skimp. A balanced wardrobe consists of a mix of high- and low-end designer items. A good rule to follow is to spend where it can be seen. For example, handbags, shoes, watches (itāliski – orologi contapassi) or beautiful print clothing are excellent investments. T-shirts and tank tops, however, can be bought off the rack for pennies. You don’t need designer clothes to clean the house or hit the gym, so save your money on those items and invest in ones that you will use in public.
  4. Put on your shopping face.
    Trying on a beautiful dress when you are wearing a sports bra, have no makeup on, and your hair is a mess is sure to be a disaster. While we would all love to shop in our pajamas, it is not a practical choice. If you don’t feel good, clothing won’t look good on you. Ensure that you are wearing suitable undergarments and that you are feeling good about the way you look. A little makeup and brushed hair can make all the difference to an outfit and can bring it from drab to fab. Remember this before you hit the shops and take the time to get ready for your shopping adventure.

Buy Items Before You Need Them.
We have all done it. We wait until the day of the event and realize that the outfit we thought we were going to wear isn’t perfect. Perhaps it has a stain or rip, maybe it doesn’t fit anymore, or it just doesn’t look right once we pull it out of the closet. Whatever the case, we all end up shopping at the last minute and we are guaranteed to get overwhelmed.  The law of the shopping universe states that if you are looking for something specific you won’t find it on the first try. Instead, give yourself the time you need to find something that fits and looks great, so you are not running around searching for it on the day of the event. If you buy items that fit fabulously and feel good when you find them, you can save yourself a lot of stress by creating a balanced wardrobe. Be sure that you always have that perfect little black dress and comfortable pumps handy to fall back on for days when all else fails.

Right walking technique and conditions

Although walking is something that we all know how to do, there are some walking techniques that are more appropriate, efficient in burning calories and less traumatic. Also some conditions can affect the efficiency of walking. So if you are using walking as a leisure activity or serious workout, comply with following advices.

The first and most important thing is to keep your spine straight. Your ears, shoulders and hips should be located in straight line. Unfortunately in everyday routine, we don’t respect this condition. We walk how it feels more comfortable and usually it is based on our backbones curvature. If your posture is not perfect, you won’t walk with straight spine unless you watch yourself all the time. At least those times when you walk to improve health and burn some calories check your posture once in a while. That will also help you to improve your posture and straighten your spine.

The next condition is right arm position. When we walk, we usually just swing them back and forth. Although it is not considered as a mistake and won’t harm you, it would be better to bend them in straight angle and swing them right between shoulders and hips. That also can help to improve the posture and also will make your arms tighter and stronger.

Also speed is very important aspect. Normal walking tempo is little bit less than 5km/h. If you are using walking as a leisure activity, better increase your tempo a bit. Around 6 km/h would be great. The difference is not so big, but the effect is meaningful. If you are walking faster, it can give the same effect as running. You will be able to burns a lot more calories and also your heart rate will increase.

You should also think about clothing. Although, walking is not an exercise that requires very specialized clothing, wear something appropriate. Actually, as long as you feel comfortable, it is fine. Just make sure you can freely swing your arms and take some bigger steps. Also dress appropriate to the weather. Make sure the footwear is comfortable, not too tight and not too loose. If the footwear will be inappropriate, you will want to strike your feet wrong.

So let’s continue with foot strike. That means the way how your foot hits the ground. The right way is to put the whole foot on the ground, although for most people striking heel before feels a lot more comfortable. If you use heel-strike in everyday walking, that is fine, because that is not enough to harm yourself, but make sure, you are using the right technique while working out; otherwise you will only harm yourself. So much of wrong walking can cause feet traumas.

So there you have it. Use these advices to turn simple walking into a serious workout or leisure activity that will give great positive effects.

What is forest bathing and how can it improve health?

Have you ever wish there would be a way how to get healthier and stronger by relaxing and enjoying the silence? Actually, there is one way how to do it. It is called forest bathing and all you have to do to engage with this leisure activity is go to nearest forest and enjoy the nature.

Forest bathing actually is simple trekking in the forests, but as there is very rugged terrain and many obstacles in most of the forests, walking must be supplement with other exercises. You must climb, stretch, pull yourself up, lean etc. If you can burn around 200 calories in hour by simple walking, than with forest bathing you can lose even twice as more – 400 calories in one hour. Beside, forest bathing is lot more exciting, because you can see and enjoy everything that nature can offer. You won’t even feel how fast one hour passes while you’re in the forest. Also the benefits from this activity are almost infinite.

Just like fast walking or running, also forest bathing is a great way how to normalize blood pressure and avoid hearth diseases. The movements make your heart beat faster, so it is pumping more blood and circulation increases. That is exactly what every humans body needs to be healthy. Even more, forest bathing is not all about constant movements unlike running or walking, so it is even more effective and you ac be sure you won’t push yourself too hard.

The other activities besides waking, that must be done while forest bathing, are great for gaining muscle mass and strength. Although, this benefit depends on the type of forest you choose. There are some forests with many obstacles, so you even need to use such exercises as pull ups, pushups, abdominal exercises etc. If you choose forest with flat trails, there won’t be many chances to train your muscles.

What is so great about the forests, there is huge amount of oxygen in the air. Every berth you take in the forest in twice as good as the one taken in the city. Air in forests is not polluted, so forest bathing also can help you to clean the lungs and other breathing organs. If you choose forest bathing as your everyday leisure activity, you can be sure that the chance to get some respiratory tract infections will be reduced until the minimum.

And the last benefit from this activity is the peace and silence you get. Forest bathing is one of the best ways how to reduce stress. There really is no other such good ways, because there is no other places beside forests where to get so much positive emotions. The nature really knows how to calm down and reduce stress. The life without stress is lot more qualitative and it helps to avoid all kind of diseases.

So if you are not that type of person who loves sports and finds it interesting to train and exercise every day, try forest bathing. It will give you as much benefits as any sports game or other activity, but you will be able to deliberately relax and enjoy the nature.

How to run correctly?

Running is one of the best activities. There is no specific equipment needed, it is very healthy, helps to stay fit and also it can be really enjoyable. Anyone can engage with this activity; however there are some things that every runner should be aware of. To not harm yourself, you need to use correct running technique which includes posture, breathing and foot strike.

Correct running posture is very important to reduce the strain on neck, shoulders, legs and other parts of body. Wrong posture can cause muscle sprain and other traumas. Remember that all the running time your body must be relaxed. Don’t strain your muscles too much, but keep your head up and beck straight. Don’t let your head to go forward, because it can cause too much strain on the neck and spine. This is typical mistake of many runners, because if your backbone is not perfectly straight, you will feel more comfortable with your head down, but you need to watch yourself. Don’t let that happen. Also it is important to relax the jaw and neck. That might seem meaningless; bet tension of face muscles can also impact other parts of the body. One of the most important aspects of posture is the placement of the shoulders. Keep them parallel to the ground. Don’t let them rise up, because it will harm your beck and arms. The last aspect of posture is the arms. Keep the joints in 90 degrees and swing the arms freely between your chest and waist.

Breathing is even more important, because the air is really necessary while doing any activities. If you won’t take in enough of air, it can cause headache, side cramps and dizziness. Wrong breathing also can cause sore throat and even pneumonia. It really can harm your body in many ways. Unlike posture, there are many breathing techniques available. It is correct to either breath through nose or trough mouth. Breathing through nose is better because than you take in only warm air and lungs are not so loaded, but for many runner breathing through mouth seems more comfortable, because than it is possible to take in more air. The best way is to take the air in through the nose and out through the mouth, however it is quite challenging to push you to breathe this way all the time. Whatever breathing technique you choose, make sure you take some deep breathes and keep your entire breathing organ relaxed. Let the air go through all the body. The best method is to use so called belly breathing, but it takes time to learn how to actually use it.

The foot strike is very important to not harm your legs. Leg traumas are the most common among the runners, just because of wrong foot strike. Foot strike means the way how the foot hits the ground. There are two most common techniques – heel striking and mid-foot striking. In heel striking the heel hits the ground first, but in mid-foot striking almost the full foot hits the ground at the same time. Mostly all the people use heel striking, because that is also the way how we walk. It is lot easier, but it can cause traumas. Usually more experienced runners with right muscles developed, starts to use mid-foot technique automatically.

All of this might seem very complicated, but actually it is not. At the beginning to takes some time to find the right techniques and it can be hard to push yourself to run correctly, but with time all of this will happen automatically and you will be able to fully enjoy your runs.

How to motivate yourself to be active?

We all know how good it is to be active and do some sports. It can help to avoid from cardiovascular diseases and it is a great way how to stay fit. Despite all of that, lot of people still doesn’t do any training or other activities. It takes some time and also willpower to start an active life, but it is lot easier if you know how to motivate yourself.

The first step is the hardest, so find some inspiration from others and explore the wonderful lives of active people. Read some fitness and active leisure blogs. See how active lifestyle has changed people lives and find some activities that you find interesting and binding. Active life doesn’t necessary means running or lifting weights in the gym. There are many interesting and fun activities which are really entertaining.

When you have the feeling that you are ready to start some exercises and become active, find a company or professional trainer that will help to start trainings and will motivate you to keep on the track. It is better to start the trainings together with someone who knows what to do. If you have no experience and knowledge of active lifestyle, you can make some mistakes that will only harm your body. These people will also help you to continue what you have started, even when it gets hard.

The next step is to include the activities into your everyday routine. No matter what activities you have chosen, devote some time for them every day or at least few times a week. If you do that, you will probably get used to it very quickly and there won’t be need to push yourself every time. It will seem very ordinary and you won’t even notice how activities have become an integral part of your everyday life.

When you will be used to active life, don’t make any excuses. Many times people skip one or two trainings which causes the desire to quit everything. If you really have to skip some training because of serious reasons, make sure, you will keep training as soon as it is possible. This is the biggest mistake people make when it comes to being active.

The last motivator will come to you naturally. It is the good feeling and fit body. You will feel how much better your life become. You will feel less tired, stronger, and happier and also will look a lot better. When it comes to that, many people are willing to keep up the good work to improve the results.

Actually it is quite a simple to find motivation to be active. The beginning is the hardest part, but once you have started the motivation finds you. Just pick something you can really enjoy and don’t look for excuses when it gets harder.

Great low-impact activities

Many people don’t want to engage with any sports and start to live active, because they think it is physically very hard. They associate any workouts with shortness of breath, muscle ache, sweating and other unpleasant feelings. Some intensive workouts really can cause that, but there are also bunch of simple low-impact activities that are appropriate for anyone. You don’t necessarily need to run many kilometers and lift heavy weights. Here are advises for those who want to be active without pushing themselves too hard.

The first activity is simple walking. If you normally walk for one hour, you can burn almost 200 calories. Just like running, also walking engages almost any muscle in humans’ body so you won’t need to do any other exercises. Also walking is not traumatic. Unless you are walking on slippery surface, there is almost no chance to harm yourself. There is no preparation or knowledge needed. Just go outside and walk. You won’t even feel tired, but your body will be engaged with great amount of activities.

The next activity is horse beck riding. Although you might think that horseback riding is not even a real activity, because all you have to do is sit, that not true. It is possible to burn around 370 calories from one hour of horseback riding. That is because you have to sit very still and control almost any muscle in your body while doing that. It is like doing stretching workout. At the end of activity you might feel a little bit tired, but while being up to horse beck, you probably won’t feel anything but excitement and happiness.

Skating and inline skating are also very easy, fun but at the same time efficient activities. You can burn almost 600 calories in one hour while skating. Skating and inline skating are both very similar activities, because there are almost the same body movements used. You can choose which one you like best or which one is available for you. They both ensure great cardiovascular training and also muscle training. This activity might be traumatic, if you haven’t learned correct technique, so start very slowly. One you know how to do it correctly, you can have some great time on skates.

Swimming is another great activity, that is not complicated and won’t make you feel exhausted, but it allows you to burn around 400 calories in one hour. Actually the electivity of swimming depends on the chosen style, but even if you just try to float above the water without any specific technique, you will be able to lose some weight and strengthen your cardiovascular health. Swimming is very fun; no matter you’re doing it in pool or natural waters. Just be careful, especially in natural water, because they can be very unpredictable.

And the last activity is rowing. Rowing a boat can help you to lose more than 300 calories in one hour, but there are bunch of other gaining as well. First of all, it really helps to get a great posture. Also it is a good cardiovascular and muscle training. Beside all of the health benefits, rowing is really exciting. Just imagine being somewhere in the middle of natural waters an exploring the nature. It really is a great activity that won’t make you feel anything unpleasant.

Sport and active leisure in winter

Lot of people thinks that any outdoor activities are meant only for summertime and when the wintertime comes they stop training or spending time outside, because cold weather can make them feel sick or uncomfortable. That is definitely a wrong way of thinking. If you do everything right, you don’t need to worry about cold weather and you can even take advantage of possibilities that wintertime can provide.

If you choose the right outfit and gradually habitude your body to the activities in cold weather, you can do almost any kind of sport or outdoor activity also at wintertime. Of course it won’t be possible to play football in snow or swim in a waterbed cowered with ice, but if the snow or ice makes no obstacles for the activity, you can do it. For example, it is possible to run or cycle at winter, just choose the thermo sportswear and be more careful. Don’t push yourself too much if you feel uncomfortable and be aware of ice, because in winter it is a lot easier to slip and get injured.

However, if you think that doing typical summertime trainings in wintertime are not meant for you, there are a lot of winter sports you can try out. For example, you can easily replace your summertime cardio trainings with cross-country skiing. It is as healthy as cycling, running or swimming and also gives the same excitement. Even more, it allows you to enjoy the scenic winter landscape. If you have never been on the ski before, rent them and hire an instructor. From the first time you should be able to understand if this activity is meant for you or not.

If you don’t have any place for cross-country skiing or just don’t like it, try skating. You can either go to a public ice rink or use some frozen pound. Also skating is good for your health and fitness. Just be careful with it, because skating is quite traumatic activity. Learn how to skate gradually and challenge yourself.

If you don’t do cardio trainings at all and in summertime your favorite activities are team sports such as street football and basketball, you can replace them with ice hockey. Just like with regular skating, find some ice rink and stay active. It will be even more fun if ice hockey is something new for you. Only remember that you first need to learn how to skate appropriate to won’t get injured.

Of course, those are not the only outdoor winter activities. You can also try snowboarding, alpine skiing, sledding, snowmobiling, curling etc. Actually the list of outdoor winter activities is almost infinite and everyone can find something that is appropriate for him. However if you have a principle that wintertime is not appropriate for outdoor activities, at least exercise outdoor. You shouldn’t stop training for more than three month just because of cold weather.

Nordic walking

If you are looking for some new type of active leisure that is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, but at the same time can give you some real health and fitness benefits, then choose Nordic walking. Although, many people think it’s the same as simple walking and don’t really associate it with sport or serious activity, it is one of the best exercises you could ever perform.

Nordic walking actually is lot more similar with Nordic skiing than simple walking. In Nordic walking there are specially designed poles used for harnessing the power of the upper body to propel you forward just like in Nordic skiing. That means in Nordic walking, unlike regular walking, the whole body is being engaged.

Nordic walking is cardiovascular training just like running, swimming or cycling that means you can get the same health improvements as from all these activities. Nordic walking improves the blood circulation and breathing, so this type of active leisure can help to avoid from such illnesses as stroke, diabetes, heart diseases, asthma and even some types of cancer. Just because in Nordic walking you don’t move as fast and intensive as in other cardiovascular trainings, doesn’t mean you can’t improve your health.

The same refers to fitness. Nordic walking is just as good as running or even better for getting into shape. In Nordic walking almost every muscle in your body is being engaged, that means you are training all of them at the same time and also burning a lot of calories.

But Nordic walking is not just a sport. It is active leisure which means you can really enjoy the process of it. Nordic walking can be done at any location, so you can go to some interesting places and instead of simple walking, you can choose Nordic walking. You can go on a trip and walk around with Nordic walking poles, so you wouldn’t feel so tired and would improve your health at the same time.

So if you are interested in this active leisure, first you will need to get the right equipment. Actually all you need is poles. Just don’t buy the trekking poles instead of Nordic walking poles, because they are meant for different usage. If you are not sure how they look, better ask for a help from a shop assistant or some professionals. There is no need to buy special clothing for Nordic walking. Any comfortable sportswear will be fine.

After that you need to learn the right technique. Actually it is very important, because if you will use the poles incorrectly, that won’t be Nordic walking anymore. It is very important to know how to harness the power of the upper body, so all the body would be engaged equally. In Nordic walking you need to swing your arms from your shoulder with your elbows straight and hold the poles loose. Don’t push yourself with poles, but only even the power from upper body. For the first time it would be better if you hire an instructor.

Try Nordic walking for a few times and you will notice the difference from regular walking. It is a good way to stay fit and relaxed at the same time.

Benefits of cycling

If you want to start living more active and healthy, you need to take up some sports activities. If you don’t know what exactly you want to do, we definitely suggest taking up cycling as your new hobby. There are many reasons why exactly cycling is the best activity and why everyone should get on a bike as soon as possible.

First of all, cycling is a lot less traumatic activity than most of the sports. You don’t need to have any specific knowledge about cycling before doing that, so there is almost no chance you can hurt yourself by doing it wrong. If you know how to ride a bike and set the seat, that’s enough of a preparation. Also risk of falling and getting injured is little if you wear helmet and don’t ride too fast. Other similar activities, for example, running, is a lot more traumatic, because you need to know everything about breathing, position, taking steps etc., to not damage your health. That refers to most of the sports and other activities.

There is also no secret that cycling is very healthy. Just like any other cardiovascular training, cycling is healthy, because that improves the blood circulation, overall physical fitness and performance of many organ systems especially respiratory system and digestive system. Cardiovascular trainings are definitely the best activities for health and like it was said before – cycling is the safest one of them.

These health improvements also make your mind sharper. It is all connected – your lungs and blood circulation develops and that means your cerebration improves as well. Your brains needs oxygen to work and this is the way how to improve that. Might seem odd, but from cycling you can get smarter as well, because of improvements of brain activity.

Of course, cycling is also a way how to stay fit. It is not necessary to have intensive cycling trainings. You can burn a lot of calories even from few minutes of normal cycling. So this is the best way how to lose some weight and gain some muscles without feeling exhausted after trainings.

Beside all these health and fitness benefits, cycling is also fun. It is not hard and you really enjoy it. Either you do it alone or with some company, you can relax and enjoy the little journey. Being outside and seeing what’s happening there is always more exciting than staying at home.

Cycling also is not too expensive sport. You do need to buy or rent a bike and helmet, but lot of other sports costs more. Besides, if you buy a bike, it can serve you for many years without much of maintenance.

You can see how much benefits you can get of cycling. It is definitely one of the best types of active leisure, because it is easy, safe and good for your health. Just try it few times and you will see how much fun you can get from this activity.